Purchase Ref. on Recurring Invoices

I have noticed the Purchase Ref. field is populated from the Short Reference field on the Template and shows on the Preview but not on the final invoice once processed?

Just checking!


The reference is not visible to the client, they only see the final invoice.

Thanks Joe, but I do not mean the Recurring Invoice ref number in QF, it is the Purchase Ref. field on the invoice itself I am asking about?


The purchase reference doesn’t carry over to the invoice created on a recurring schedule. I’m not sure if it should be as presumably the supplier would dictate the purchase reference and this is not likely to be the same for every invoice? Having said that if it’s not going to be carried forward it shouldn’t really be a field on the template.

Cheers Glenn. It then begs the question how do you include a Purchase Ref on the final invoice using the recurring profiles anyway? On monthly invoices (in our case, web hosting etc.) we often have a fixed PO number from the client for the year. When it worked in the preview I nearly became excited :wink:


We could quite easily carry this purchase reference over when invoices are created. The only issue is changing the default behaviour on QF which would affect hundreds of other users. But then we could instruct users to leave blank and both scenarios could be fully supported. For now I’ll refer this to our development team.

Cheers, nice to read someone else thinking out loud!!

We will implement this feature, although it’s not likely to go live until the back end of next week.

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We’ve hit a slight snag with this:

The short reference field is getting saved into the purchaseRef field on recurring invoices. We can’t now bring this through automatically to any invoices created as many people will enter their own internal references here, that they may not want the client to see.

In general purchase references are considered to be unique for each invoice which is why we never included this as a default behavior for recurring invoices.

What we do need to do is update the column header on the recurring invoice list to Short reference so it’s inline with the actual form:

We have actually implemented a workaround for this problem. More details here:


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