Purchase Reference for Recurring Invoices


A major national UK company has issued a Purchase Order Reference for our services and has individually itemised the months that they are paying us on it and we have been instructed to invoice them on a monthly basis BUT using the one purchase reference number for each of the individual months.

This is how they work and we also have negotiations with a sister company in the pipeline, so we will need to do the same for them as they use the same accounts department as each other.

In this previous thread from last year, someone else wanted to do the same and you said that it was to be sent to Development… 6 Months on and I still can’t see how to achieve this and it is a must have ability for us. Can you advise me how to do this please?

Thank you very much

Is your option to show Purchase Reference under Invoice Style>Invoice Labels ticked?
You can use Short Reference as purchase reference, it will show up on invoice

I just read through the previous thread to jog my memory. We have the short reference field in a recurring template and in the previous discussion we looked at using this as a holder for the purchase reference and carrying it forward to every invoice produced by that template. The problem is that many people are using this as an identifier for the recurring template and would not want it to carry forward automatically (i.e. if it’s an internal reference).

One solution here is for us to recognise a prefix e.g. PR: so that whenever the short reference in the recurring template is prefixed with PR: it carries the reference to all the invoices created from that template. I think that will also solve the problem raised here by @BanksyBoy back in October.

We’re looking into this now.

Hi Glenn

Thank you very much for looking into this, I can assure you that it will be a massively welcome addition to your great accounting system. As a very small voluntary community organisation we really do appreciate Quickfile because it saves us so many headaches!

Would you be able to give me an idea as to how long this may take as I have a recurring invoice to create and I would prefer to use the amended version to input the Purchase Order Reference than create a one-off invoice in the meanwhile?


Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it.

It’s a very minor update, in fact so minor it’s already been done. We just need to deploy this change to the live server, it will be available to use by midday tomorrow. So any short reference you add on the template will then carry forward to the invoice if it is prefixed with PR:

For example:

PR:ABC123 will carry forward to every invoice created and will appear in the purchase reference box as ABC123

Don’t forget to ensure that in your invoice customisation settings you have the purchase reference filed visible.

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Hi Glenn,

I’m really happy to see this PR: solution exists - and I’m very impressed with QuickFile so far. Unfortunately I just sent out my first recurring invoice without understanding I needed to include PR: infront of the short reference number on the reccuring invoice in order for it to appear, so I’ve had to modify the invoice manually and resend it to everyone, as I may not get paid otherwise.

If you could add a note about this to a help icon alongside the ‘short reference’ field on the recurring invoice template, then I think others will avoid similar problems in future and they will understand what they need to do at the outset. I thought I would suggest this anyway. Hopefully you think this would be useful for others too. It will also help remind me what to add when I create recurring invoices in future.

Thank you,