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Purchase_Search API method not respecting ReceiptDateFrom


Hi, I’m trying to use the Purchase_Search method with ReceiptDateFrom and getting ALL invoices returned. Either I’ve not understood it (always a possibility!) or something is not right.

"Body": {
  "SearchParameters": {
    "ReturnCount": "10",
    "Offset": "0",
    "OrderResultsBy": "ReceiptNumber",
    "OrderDirection": "ASC",
    "ShowDeleted": "false",
    "ReceiptDateFrom": "2018-04-01",
    "Status": "PAIDFULL",
    "AdditionalParameters": {
      "ShowSupplierRef": "true",

First of many incorrect results:

          "ReceiptDate": "2017-03-20T00:00:00",


Hello @Nurg

Bear with me, I will check this out and come back to you.

Just to let you know that I also managed to replicate this and have asked our team to investigate this further.


Any news on this one? :slight_smile:


Hi @Nurg

Apologies for the delay here. It is still with our development team, but we’ll be sure to give you an update as soon as we have one.


@Nurg - We’ve just released an update which should address this. Would you mind trying now please and letting us know if that works as expected?


Hi, I confirm that it’s working now, thanks for that!

I have created a related feature request here: Purchase_Search API Status needs to support all possible values



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