Purchases spilt invoices


I need to create food, drink, hotel purchases accounts how can i create these so that they do not all appear under general purchases?

I need to split my invoices can i do this?

Hi @BathArms

When you create your purchase invoice, either click the arrow where it says ‘General Purchases’, or start typing the category name there, and it’ll allow you to change where it’s posted to.

For a full list of nominal, check out the Chart of Accounts (under Reports). From here, you can also create new nominals to suit your business

Can you clarify what you mean by split invoices please?

You can use the green plus to the left to add additional lines to the purchase invoice, and assign each line to a different nominal category.

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I am a Hotel, Pub, Restuarant - In my business i have four income streams, does QF allow each income stream to have its own cost of sales - also showing this on the P&L?

If yes how would i enter the purchases so that they posted to the differnt income streams?

Project tagging may be of use.


Hi @BathArms

Apologies if I misunderstood you above, but you referred to ‘Purchases’ so my screenshots references this part of QuickFile.

As per @ian_roberts’ post above, you can add additional lines to your invoices by clicking the green ‘plus’ icon next to any line, or the ‘Add a new line’ button at the top:

To change what nominal code it’s posted to, click the ‘cog’ on the description line:

It defaults to ‘General Sales’. If you need to add more, you can do so under the Chart of Accounts page (under Reports).

Alternatively, if you want to keep everything as ‘General Sales’, you can use Project Tags, as per @Lurch’s post