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QF credit card statement showing incorrect balance

My QF credit card record has 1000+ tagged transactions and 0 untagged. I reconcile against my bank statement every month and always get ‘Perfect’. The balance is paid off in full each month.
I have just reconciled my credit card against this month’s statement and have again got a ‘Perfect’ indicating that the reconciliation balanced. BUT - I’ve only had one transaction this month, for £21, yet the balance shown on QF is -£827. Surely the balance (payment has not yet been made) should be -£21.
Could someone please advise? What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance.

Missing starting balance?

I don’t think so. I entered a starting balance from my first statement when I initially set this up. The balance varies too - had the starting balance not been entered or been entered incorrectly then I would have expected a constant error. Thanks for the reply though - I’ll double check just to be sure.

How are you reconciling? Have you used the QF reconciliation tool? Should be able to narrow it down with that.

I’m reconciling in QF using ‘More options/Reconcile’. My statements always balance. As another contributor suggested, I may have entered the starting balance incorrectly. Unfortunately, I’m unable to change the starting balance now as it’s locked (it was in a previous tax year). If that’s the problem (I say ‘If’) then I’ll have to find another way of correcting it. Perhaps a journal adjustment?

If it’s the balance and it’s locked. You could I guess just add a transaction call it correction adjustment and enter the amount needed to balance it.

That could be a good solution. I’ll bear that in mind. Thank you.