QIF Format

I use QIF files to import my statements from Lloyds, Barclays and Halifax.
I the case of Halifax the format of the file must be incorrect since all Credits appear as Debits and all Debits appear as Credits.
Been happening for years - I don’t use my Halifax Credit Card except when going abroad as it is too much trouble to correct all the entried.

Hi @pwb

We can certainly take a look at the file to see what the issue is, although this is the first time I’ve been made aware of this.

Would you be able to send me an example in a private message please (click my name and then ‘Message’)?

QIF represents transaction amounts as a positive or negative number for money in or out, and it sounds like the bank you’re using puts these the opposite way round from what QuickFile expects. QIF is a plain text file format so it is possible for you to correct these yourself before uploading, if you were to use a text editor that can do regular expression search and replace such as jEdit then the following sequence of three find and replace operations would work - make sure the “regular expressions” checkbox is ticked then:

  • search for ^T(?!-) and replace with T+
  • search for ^T- and replace with T
  • search for ^T\+ and replace with T-

(the ^T(?!-) means T at the start of a line, not followed by a minus sign. And it needs three steps - you can’t just go directly from Tnumber to T-number because then those would all match the second search which would change them straight back)

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