Query regarding recording purchases

Would it be ok for you to help me with a query?
I have receipts for various things i.e.: Fuel, stationery & everyday purchases like that.
Is there a simple way of logging them? Ive so far logged as purchase’s.
I’m not sure if i need to include the vat number of them either.
I’m not sure about the receipt hub so was looking for an easier option.
If there is not one I could come out from the dark ages and persevere with the receipt hub, or keep logging as a purchase. Any advice gratefully received?


Hi @justin_davenport

We’ll certainly try :slight_smile:

Purchases is the way to go with these. You may also wish to take advantage of the bulk entry tool to speed up the entry though. More info on that here

Generally, if you’re claiming the VAT back, you should have some record of it. That’s not to say it has to be one QuickFile, but it would certainly make it easier. The question you need to ask yourself is, if HMRC ever queried x, could I prove it? As long as the answer is always yes, you should be fine. Of course, ensure that you’re also meeting any guidelines they have in place too.

Is there anything we can help with in terms of the receipt hub? What are you unsure about it? Fire away with questions - we’re here to help!

Thats great, I’m happy to log as a purchase and just keep the receipt. I wanted to make sure that was ok. In the meantime I’ll look into the receipt hub - Does it log the amount for you or just hold a copy incase of a query from HMRC?

The receipt hub does two jobs really:

  • Matching imported documents to existing purchases
  • Creating new purchase invoices and attaching the document

For new invoices you can enter supplier name, description, date, VAT and even mark it as paid from the receipt hub. There are limitations, such as it only supports single line entry, but it can certainly speed up entry and keep your records in check too :slight_smile:

Thank you again for your help

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