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QuickFile’s Barclays bank feeds not working correctly (2019)


I have just noticed that the Barclays bank feeds is not working correctly. The last money out transaction was on
17/01/2019 and the last money in transaction was on 17/12/2018
I have checked my bank transactions and I do have transactions which are not showing in my QuickFile account.
What can I do to fix it???



Hi @patrick797

The QuickFile Barclays feed was depreciated on 18th January and replaced with the Open Banking feed. You can activate the Open Banking feed on your account and pull in up to 1 months worth of transactions to fill in any gaps you have.

The below thread should help with the set up, but please let me know if you have any problems:
Transition to Open Banking (Barclays)


Thank you for you help

I will look at the Open Banking Feed


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