QuickFile site down?

Hi gents.
This morning, June 12th 2015, I’m unable to access the QuickFile site to begin any log-in procedure.
I’ve not seen a notification that the site is scheduled to be off-line, so am wondering if there is a problem with just my account.
Is there a way I can find this out?

thanks in advance.
Steve Hills.

We’re not running any updates or performing any maintenance and everything seems to be running smoothly on our side. Are you able to provide any screenshots? Does the problem still persist for you?

ah … now I when I try the site comes up.
I did try on two different PC’s to make sure, but it’s all OK now.
Sorry have taken your time unnecessarily as it turned out. :blush:

best regards,

No not a problem, we had two reports of slow down at the same time. Maybe coincidence, maybe not?? that’s what we’re trying to establish.

I have had issues with internet access this morning, can’t see anything major reported from BT wholesale regarding broadband outages but I would imagine this is where the issue is.

We’ve had issues all morning (DNS time outs mainly), but a restart of the router has fixed it.

HSBC went offline completely with them having no issues at all their end, but complaints aplenty on Twitter. Not sure what’s going on!

Is everyone facing issues connecting through BT?

No, but if the issue is with BT wholesale it will affect other ISP’s.

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Yes, our provider is BT, but other websites are OK.

We’re with XLN which piggybacks on TalkTalk. However, all seems ok now

I can say the same - in the last 15 minutes it was all working fine as ever.

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