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A feature that would be really handy with the API, would be a service similar to the Instant Payment Notification with PayPal.

I’m in the process of rebuilding our web site, with the plan to fully incorporate QuickFile, but as there are things like downloads for sale, and an array of payment options (PayPal, GoCardless etc), I was going to push clients towards Quickfile to pay. So, the idea of Quickfile sending a quick message back to me somehow (maybe posting the info to a set url) would be useful. :smile:

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I think what your proposing is something along the line of WebHooks, this would allow certain events in Quick File to trigger a call to your chosen URL endpoint. I think there’s a really good case for adding this feature and we hope to be able to start with some basic webhooks later this year.


Spot on @Glenn! That’s great news that it’s in your plans - looking forward to seeing (and using) this!

I add my vote for this extension, thanks

Just to let you know, we are working on WebHooks at the moment.

Initially we’re looking at enabling web hooks to be triggered on the following events.

  • Invoice, create, update and delete
  • Estimate, create, update and delete
  • Recurring template, create, update and delete
  • Client, create, update and delete

We’d happily consider other use cases, if you have any specific requirements.

The WebHooks will be very lightweight and will essentially just send the invoiceID or clientID, you can then call the appropriate API method to retrieve any further meta data.

One thing I’d be interested in, would be invoice paid and estimate accepted.

I think for people integrating this directly into a web site (including myself), to raise an invoice via API, and then receive the paid notification would be great.

Yes that would make sense and should not be a problem, we’ll get that included on the initial release.


Hi @Glenn,

Any ideas on timescale for this to be implemented?

If you need any testers, I’m happy to give it a go too :smile:

It’s about 75% done. I expect it should be complete within 1-2 weeks, I will let you know as soon as it’s ready for beta testing.


The documentation is now available to view here:


The service is not live at this time but I will update this thread as soon as it becomes available.

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Webhooks are now available for beta testing. Official announcement here.

@Parker1090 I have enabled webhooks on your CRM development account.

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Great news @Glenn! I’ll try and have a play about with it over the weekend, and will let you know if I have any issues or problems

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