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Re-Run bank tagging rules

It would be useful to be able to re-run tagging rules. Ideally either all rules or a selected set could be re-run over a defined period.

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I do agree this would be useful, there are however a couple of important considerations.

Say if someone adds a very broad rule (perhaps by accident) and the user has 5 years worth of accounting records, not only could this potentially put huge load on our database servers, but it could also corrupt a large chunk of data that would not be easy to recover from.

Without any point-in-time recovery (very difficult in cloud accounting) this would probably end up causing more problems than it solves.

Re-Running should only run against untagged items - if a statement is imported with similar items after the first is tagged and a rule created you should be able to re-run the rules to get it to pick up new ones in this batch

Hi @Jonathan_Richardson

As @Glenn mentions above, even if you run it against untagged items, someone could upload a statement with 500 items and then re-run the tagging rule.

But as with other feature requests, we’re happy to monitor this thread, and if there is an interest from the community we’ll take a closer look.

Any updates posted to this thread should be emailed to you.

+1 on this.
Maybe you can run the autotag only on an account and limited by dates.
That would be great so we can setup new tags after we upload the statement.

Can I ask for this too please. Just on untagged items

+1, me too. With defaulted limitations, e.g. untagged, current year

I’d find this useful too please

I would also really appreciate this.

Could there be a way of manually selecting similar transactions in order for the system to ‘remember’ the search term / rule? That might get around the concern of automatically going back over lots of old data and potentially corrupting it.

I would like to see this options too. It would be useful when importing a batch of older statements to create the rules for going forward instead of just filtering and tagging batches.

Although I’m now set up, this feedback goes back to when I was setting up…

Imagine I’ve uploaded a few thousand transactions and I’m now going through them and tagging them. As I go along, I’m also creating tagging rules to make things easy for me in the future.

After creating a tagging rule, what I would really loved to see was something like this:

“There are another 189 untagged transactions which match this rule. Would you like to auto tag them?”

Without that, I had to keep searching for the text string myself and bulk tag for every 50 transactions. So what the UX could have done for me there and then, I had to do myself. I might sound spoilt, but the experience is particularly painful when you have to do this again and again for each supplier.

Xero, QuickBooks and (I think) Wave do this, so please consider it as a way of making the first experience even more awesome.

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In addition to the above, I’d love to see the same on in the bank tagging rule section.

At the moment, we see this:

Rather than telling me that the rule will only apply to newly created bank entries, it would be great to have it as options:

  • Only apply rule to newly created entries
  • Apply rule to the following 15 existing entries

After the 2nd option, you can then show the list of entries as you do at the top of that same page:

It seems like all the logic is there to make this happen.

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Hi @fambi

I’ve merged your thread into the existing request for this.

We’ll continue to monitor the interest here and will happily take a further look into the feasibility of this if there’s enough interest from the community.

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Yes I would add my support for this. Would be very helpful and speed up tagging.

There’s a new vote button the top of this thread, please use it and add your vote to this feature

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This is the feature I’ve been looking for!!!

It’s a good job this thread exists (even though it’s slightly cryptically named) otherwise I’d still be hunting for this feature. I was sure this would exist.

It was doubly confusing as quickfile had already produced a list of ‘matching transactions’ that I wanted it to run against - I just couldn’t find how to do it!

As fambi explained so well - it’s the same functionality you get when setting up email rules (for example directing incoming email into different folders) - ‘would you like to run your new rule on new emails or also on existing emails’

Anyway - I’m sure by the time this has been implemented I won’t be able to benefit from it - but I’m sure other users will in the future :slight_smile: Voted for!

+1 from me on this as well

Hi @stevetuk

You can add your vote for this feature by clicking the “Vote” button at the top of the thread.

I did that as well but wanted to comment to show support for this.