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My Power User subscription has expired and I do not want to renew it at this time due to ongoing and unresolved bank feed issues. However, is there a way I can access a read only version to see my past VAT returns? I keep getting prompted to renew the subscription each time I log in.

Power user and bank feed subscriptions are 2 separate things. The power user subscription is based on a rolling 12 month period so if it is prompting you for payment it means you require a power user subscription due to having an account size of L/XL.

I understand they are two different things and I fully understand how you calculate an account size. In fact, I think if you check I actually upgraded to power user long before I needed to and although my account has been M for quite some time I continued with the power user account. I think you have completely missed the point of my message though. I am obviously not going to pay a subscription to something that does not work correctly but I cannot even access my old records to download them and keep them for audit purposes. Not to worry though as I have started a trial with Sage.

If your account is M or smaller then the subscription renewal should be optional - it’ll still prompt asking if you want to renew (which you might if you’re using power user features like multiple trading styles) but it shouldn’t prevent you from getting in at all.

Very frustrating folks! You keep telling me what ‘should’ be happening but obviously I would have no need to contact you if I was not experiencing issues. Just close my enquiry as you have made my decision easier to move to Sage.

Good luck with sage. Absolutely shocking peice of software and support is next to zero. But glad you made the right choice

If however you do want this resolved a quick message to a support member would have fixed it.

I have messaged endless times trying to get the issue fixed but you don’t fix it! You just keeping telling me how it should work but it doesn’t work!

It’s a shame you can’t just make Quickfile work correctly rather than having to discredit your competitors to get ahead. Very unprofessional.

None of the people who have so far responded on this thread work for QuickFile - we’re just regular users who come on here to share out experience.

@QFSupport would any of you staff be able to check this user’s account and see if there’s anything amiss on your side?

Hi @cleaner-carz

As @ian_roberts mentioned, neither he nor @Paul_Courtier work for QuickFile. All QuickFile staff can be identified with the little logo next to our image.

We are continuing our private message with you to try and get this resolved, however it is difficult without any transactions. We have a test feed set up which is working all OK, but having to disconnect and reconnect the feed for data to come in, isn’t right and we would like to resolve this issue.

Providing you are happy to, we will continue to work with you in the private message, to try and get this working for you.

I don’t work for quickfile. I’m a forum member.

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