Rebilling purchases to an existing invoice

Several years ago there was a feature request for this

The vast majority of my purchases are directly rebilled to clients as cost of sales:client expenses on a monthly basis. I create a monthly invoice for a client and add expenses and billable hours as I go. I need to add purchases as cost of sales:client expenses so that they are excluded for personal accounting and have to duplicate every single entry on both client invoices and purchases which causes considerable work, is tedious and very likely to make errors

Its there a better way to do this yet? I want to add expenses / reciepts to the purchase page then be able to click the entry and rebill it to an existing monthly invoice together with the receipt rather than manually duplicating entries. Thanks

Hi @BlueSprint

As you can see from the original thread, it’s still a “Feature Request”. If there is more interest in this, we’re more than happy to investigate this further. However, at this moment in time, there have been no changes here.

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