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Rebilling to existing sales invoice

Rebilling works great but it seems only when creating a new invoice. Would it be possible to rebill purchases to an invoice that has laready been created? We create many invoices from previous invioces as they are similar when monthly billing clients and it save a lot of time. If rebilling purchases could be added to an invoice created this way it would save a lot of time. Cuurently we have to either enter the base invoice details and non rebilled items from scratch or duplicate last months invoice and then add the rebilled items individually.

Hi Nick

Thanks for the suggestion.

We’ll leave this topic open for other users to add their comments to, and if there’s enough interest we’ll take a look at the feasibility of doing this.

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+1 for this idea!

+1. I currently do this by searching and attaching the receipts, which is a bit of a pain.

How do you do that? I have looked at it but could not find anything…

I guess mlawson is doing that by entering the rebilled item manually and attaching the receipt from existing documents. He’s right it is slow and laborious.

OK, thanks.

What about using the “Item” field to find existing invoices?

Yes, as tc5440 says. Manually enter the item and amount, then save the invoice, then in the ‘Preview’ view of the invoice, I choose the file, using the ‘Use Existing’ button. A bit of an effort, and searches not a full as I would like (can’t search project tags, for instance) - sometimes I have to go off to my PO screen to find the file name.

Would be happy to have, or hear of, a better way of doing it. I’ve often already got the invoice started (they tend to be monthly consulting invoices to clients, where I add stuff as I go), so can’t rebill from PO screen because it starts a new invoice…

Old thread, but +1 to this as well - it just bit me as I was expecting the rebilling to offer to add itself to an existing open invoice, but no, it created a new one. I don’t want to find out what happens if I forget to rebill one expense - does it create another new invoice?

Perhaps from the + New Line in the invoice screen one could select from any non-rebilled purchases (perhaps those marked for rebilling) or in the rebilling dialog, allow the choice of an open invoice to add them to.

[Edit] or if not the choice, to the first currently open invoice

+1 again from me. I’m having to look at alterenative products as this is such a big issue for me.

Hi @BlueSprint

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