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Receipt Hub - files not appearing from email or Dropbox


Newbie to Quick file - But emailing invoices to receipt hub.
I don’t believe they are all arriving correctly.

I have several that were sent 40 mins to 1 hour ago and they are not in receipt hub. But others that have been emailed before and after have arrived.

How long does it take to update?


Also, used drop box for some of them. And some of them are missing from receipt hub also…


Hi @chrisbawden

The emails usually arrive within 5 minutes, and the same with Dropbox.

If nothing has bounced back from the email (e.g. attachment not recognised) then it may have been caught in the spam filter which will normally be released within a few hours.

With Dropbox, we do have a guide here which may help identify any issues.


So Sorry!
I wasn’t aware that we had someone sitting behind me tagging invoices. So they have arrived just fine, i believe…


No problem! Glad to hear it’s working all OK :+1:


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