Receipt hub (move to folder) errant folder name

I work on two different QF accounts - in one Receipt Hub there are two errant folders “mis” and “till” a/c 113 and in a/c 451 just “till”.

There are no documents stored under these folder names in Document Manager so they should no longer be showing in the dropdown list.

How can they be removed?

I’ve escalated this to see why it’s appearing here and not in the Document Management area. it does appear to be a bug though.

@alan_mcbrien I’m seeing that this issue is marked as “solved”.

Would you mind testing and letting me know if there are any issues?

I’ve had a look this morning, still showing the same “till” in both a/cs and “mis” in one.

The update made was to allow for these folders to be deleted. If you go to the Document Management area and scroll down right to the bottom you should see an option to delete custom folders.

In here you will be given the option to clear any empty folders and these should then no longer appear in the move dialogue on the Receipt Hub.

Hope that helps!

Yes thank you, that removed them.

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