Receipts put in wrong quickfile account

i have two separate businesses.
company 1
company 2
i have somebody who is going to input my accounts.

at the moment receipts are input into excel.
if the person inputs a receipt into the wrong set of accounts (puts the receipt into company 1 instead of company 20, then its very easy for me to just change it on excel,
its as simple as a 2 second job.

how would this work in quickfile?
if the person inputting receipts inputted a receipt into company 1 which included either a paper scanned receipt or a digital emailed in receipt,
how would i go about getting it out of company 1 and putting it into company 2?

i wouldnt want to re invoice company 2 from company 1 for the invoice, i would want to remove it from 1 and put it in 2. do i have to actually delete from one and manually input into the other, or is there a good import export feature that will work.

the problem can be compounded if a group of receipts were added in the wrong company. i would like to be able to export a list and import the list rather than manually delete and input every single one.


Companies on QuickFile are completely separate so there is no easy way to transfer a receipt from one account to another. You would have to delete/remove the receipt from the one account and then create/add it onto the other.

There is a bulk invoice entry tool which would create single line invoices which may work for you? The multi-invoice entry form

Hope this helps

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