Recharge expenses to client option

There seems to be a missing feature in quickfile for expenses. Basically I have to reclaim my out of pocket expenses and mileages back from my own company, and then my company has to charge these expenses in some cases to one of 3 clients. I used to use another accounting package which had a “recharge to” feature which made it very simple. When I did my monthly accounts It would create an itemised invoice with the attachments for each client so my company could then reclaim back from them. I cant see how its possible with QF which means I’m doing the same accounting twice effectively… has anyone a solution or can this feature be added… I’m an agent by the way and I used to use freeagent…

There’s no way to recharge expenses as such, in QuickFile this would need to be allocated to separate sales and purchase invoices. I will however leave this open as a feature request.

Hi Glen,

it really would be a useful feature, today for instance, having completed last months accounts yesterday, I’m sitting here again going through the expenses which I’ve already input (so the info is in the system), and have to compile an invoice to one of my clients, with a “charge to” feature this would have been done at the same time as yesterdays. Can you think of a way to extract these expenses onto one invoice, Could the tagging feature do it?

Hi Glen,

I’m using project tags as a way of selecting the expenses I want to charge to a company called GPS, would it be possible once tagged to turn the list of items into an invoice? if not I have to download into a spread sheet etc etc…

Just to get my head around the requirements here. You’re inputting a list of expenses into QuickFile (logging as purchase invoices) and you’re looking for a way to select a bunch of these expenses and import them into a new sales invoice, with each expense itemised to a line on the invoice?

Are you recharging these expenses as is (i.e. no additional margin)? Is there a requirement to attach the original receipts and make these available to your clients?

Hi Glen,

Yes that is correct, I’ve input expenses for April, some of them I have to charge to my client, so I’m trying to create an invoice for them with itemised expenses.

I think it would be a good idea if i can mark up or down, also to complicate things (sorry) my invoice could be in GBP or EURO. Also I have to send copy of the scanned receipts, so this would be helpful too.

If this is an idea you think would be a good addition and are thinking about it I don’t know if you have heard of FreeAgent, but they have it in theirs it might be a good idea to see thier way of doing this. With FreeAgent, as I input expenses, I have the option to charge to any particular client including discount and mark up, the expenses are added to the account of the client (as I type name the system offers possible matches) and when I wish I can create an invoice for outstanding expenses to client A, B, or C. This make life very simple for people such as myself that work for many clients and have to charge them expenses etc… Also as I’m inputting expenses for the first time I’m killing two or three birds with one stone. Saves a load of time.

With Quickfile as is, I’ve selected the expenses for a client, downloaded to a spread sheet, now it seems the whole line item description hasn’t downloaded fully (so I’ll have to write this part again) and attach spreadsheet to invoice with lump sum… I cant see any other way of doing it, but really the info is already in Quickfile, so a charge to feature would be a lifesaver for me and most agents or freelancers in general.

One option we could look at is having the ability to select multiple purchase invoices, with a “Recharge to Client” button at the top. This would pop open a dialogue box where a client could be selected a percentage mark up/down value entered.

On confirmation the system would open a new invoice entry screen for the selected client and prepopulate it with all the line items from the expenses. For expenses with multiple line items it would transcribe each line to the sales invoice.

By default each line would go to “general sales”, although we could possibly allow a default other than GS to be used. We’d need to cap the line items to around 50 max, hopefully that wouldn’t cause an issue?

The system would attach any receipt scans from the original selected purchases to the new sales invoices. I’m not clear precisely how that would work right now as I believe we have an attachment limit of just 5 items on sales invoices. Will consult with a developer on this point.


I think if you can do that it would be very good.

The possibility to change the default general sales to another journal would be good too.

50 items should be enough, the attaching scanned items isn’t crucial, but then could the system offer a download of the scanned items in a single download? this would work too… the alternative is me go through them one by one find each one copy to file , zip them and send as attachment , again… it’s time im losing doing my sales… :slight_smile:


I would also like this feature… I travel lot and recharge all expenses to my client.




I vote for this too!
after sifting through all the usual cloud accounting sw, I settled on QF due to the community support, but it’s a real shame you can’t charge expenses to a client.


Its a handy tool to have, i include my vote to this.

I’ve heard nothing more on this from Glen… I wonder if we’ll get this feature?

Hi @sampier

Features are driven by community demand. We don’t necessarily respond to each reply but we do keep an eye on these topics. As soon as we have any updates, we will update the topic

It’s 90% done. Hopefully we’ll have it ready mid-week.

I will come back and update this thread once it has been implemented.

HI Glen… :slight_smile: you just made my day!!

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Serious? I think i need to hire your dev team!

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I’m pleased to say that the rebilling feature in QuickFile is now available to use. You can find out more about how this works from the link below:

Rebilling Expenses

Any questions please don’t hesitate to get back to me!


Thanks! can’t wait to try it out!

Me too!! can’t wait to do my accounts this month… ( did I just say what I think I just said?)


I’d vote for this feature also!