Reconciling bank account

Hi, I’ve managed to tag two identical transactions in the same bank account one links to an actual invoice. I’ve deleted one of them but now I can’t reconcile the amount in my account. I could probably do with talking though with someone if possible?

Thanks Tracy

Delete the bank entry not require, your balance should agree

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Hi @tmdruskin

As @FaradayKeynes says, you can simply delete the duplicate untagged transaction and that should all be fine.

Relating to the recon issue, I recently helped another user with this. You may wish to take a look at that post (below) and hopefully that’ll put you on the right track too.

We don’t offer telephone or live chat support (although during office hours on weekdays you can often get quick responses on the forums which sometimes feels like live chat). However, please feel free to post your questions on our forums and either myself, my colleagues, another user or even an accountant (such as @FaradayKeynes) will try their best to help.

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