Recurring invoices due on first day of the month

We invoice all customers on a monthly cycle, ideally the invoice would be created 7 days before the due date so that their direct debit would be triggered and payment is received on the due date. However if the due date is the 1st (or any date between the 1st and 6th) there is no way I can see to create the invoice 7 days before this.

I guess there is no workaround?

Hello @ysi

There isn’t an automated way of doing it for the 1st of the month unfortunately. You could generate the invoices around, for example, 25th of the month and then manually trigger the direct debits on these invoices. This can be done in bulk too.

There’s more details on this here:

hi, thanks for your advice.

I guessed so unfortunately the due date needs to stay the same month to month or it would cause confusion for our customers who hire from us.

Could this be included as a feature request?

It certainly can :slight_smile: . We’ll leave your thread open and other users can add their votes/comments.

We’ll take a look if there’s enough interest from the community.