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Recurring or Standard Invoices


We’re new to Quickfile and would like some clarification using recurring invoices. Our business sells annual membership for advertising on a website. Each year after the initial sale, we invite customers to renew with us. My question is, in the first you do we send a standard invoice then create a recurring one after that? Or do we just create a recurring invoice? A little confused at present.


Hello @Handy

A recurring invoice has a few additional options compared to a standard invoice, namely:

  • Start date
  • Number of recurrences
  • How often it should be generated
  • Template variables for dates
  • Autobilling with direct debit (GoCardless)

If you were to set up a recurring invoice, we will automatically create these for you based on the above details. This can be set up with the first issue to be done the same day as creation, and then every year thereafter if you wish.

Of if it’s more convenient for you, you can create one off invoices and create a recurring template based on that invoice.

There are more details on recurring invoices here:
Setting up a recurring invoice


Thanks, that’s helpful. So we could set up and send a standard invoice, then create a recurring profile from that and change the start to to 1 years time?
Is there a way of sending a ‘renewal’ routine email that goes with the recurring invoice? It would be much friendlier for a customer to receive a " Hello, would you like to renew your subscription" rather than just an invoice?!


Yes you can absolutely do this. Just go to the standard invoice preview screen and in the More Options menu select “Create recurring profile”.

Not as such, however you can edit the email message template and create more customised messages in the notes section of the recurring invoice template.

The only thing to mention here is the email template is set for the account as a whole, so it’s not going to work very well if you’re routinely sending non renewal invoices with a different message, as it would involve manually changing.

One solution would be to still have the recurring invoices created on your account but not sent. You can then send them manually with your desired message.


There is a feature request for this:


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