Customise emails for different clients or trading names

Is it possible to customize the email templates for different clients or trading names?


Hi @expertoswp

Unfortunately this isn’t possible at the moment for trading styles. While you can’t have templates as such for clients, you can amend them before they’re sent from the invoice preview screen itself.

I’ve changed the subject of your post and changed it to a feature request for the time being. If there’s enough interest, then we’ll happily look into this further.

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That is ok.
I have created a folder on my computer with texts files and templates.

One question:
If I paste a template with the “@@” variables including names, will the system recognize it and replace all the variables?

As long as they are in the list of tokens, and exactly as they’re shown, then yes - the system will recognise them

In that case I can live with the default templates for a while.


FYI: I use this mostly because I have clients that speak spanish and other languages, so I need templates for different clients on different languages.
I am using styles for the invoices, but it would be great to have it for emails too.

Could we have a drop down list for alternative templates to use? At least for the initial invoice email? This would be really useful.

Hi @Matthew

We’re happy to look at the different options if there’s enough interest from the community. We’ve left this thread open, so other users can add their comments too

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This issue has resurfaced for us. We deal with advertisers, distributors and direct sales, while pasting our own templates for manual invoices is easy enough a “one size fits all” message isn’t really suitable for our recurring invoices.

What we would like is either to be able to classify recurring invoices so that they pick different templates or pin a custom email to each invoice on creation.

This is an essential feature for us. Right now we have to cut and paste but going forward this is not viable and leads to errors. We should be able to select from a list of invoice templates.

We only have this as a serious issue with recurring invoices. As I posted on this feature request:

the use of a token would be an acceptable work around for us.

Hello! What are the chances of adding email customisation for different trading styles? E.g. the ability to add different “From” names and different signatures?

@mcgregormedia - I’ve merged your post into the existing feature request (above). We’ll continue to monitor interest here

We are the same, after one year our customers have the choice to renew with us or not. While sending recurring invoice is great, its very in-personable without an email explaining why the customer has an invoice! (It would have been a year since their last). Please can we have an email template for recurring invoices…

@Handy thanks for your feedback. We will look into the feasibility of supporting custom client emails shortly. We have a few big tasks that we need to deal with first, but are very supportive of this idea.

@Handy we have just released one of two planned changes here.

From your client detail screen you can now create custom email templates for specific clients. This will give you a little more control over delivering tailored messages for particular clients. We have more information on this feature here.

The second proposed feature we are working on is a dedicated Recurring Invoice email template. This will be useful for creating specific messages related to renewal type services. We hope to have this in place within the next 2 weeks.

@mcgregormedia as above, we now have client level customisation for email template, but unfortunately we don’t yet have the ability to apply templates based on trading styles. We’d like to support this as I’m sure it will be useful but we’ve started with the most granular approach and working back from there. I will update you once we’re able to support trading styles.

@Handy I can now confirm the addition of an email template specifically for invoices generated from a recurring profile. So you should now be able to create a client-specific template only for recurring invoices.

Let us know if you need any assistance.