Recurring Supplier Costs

I have a recurring Web Hosting cost (supplied by paid by standing order on my credit card which tends to fall on a slightly different date each month.
I’ve tried setting up a Recurring Purchase invoice but obviously the dates don’t always match the actual dates I received the invoice from the supplier.

I noticed I can ‘invite’ my supplier to send invoices directly to my quickfile account which would be great. How likely is it they will actually do this for me?. Is there another alternative if they won’t?.
Also I would still have to manually mark each purchase as paid myself once the payment is taken from my card, is there anyway I can automate this process too?.

I know there is the Bank Feed plugin but that would only import the bill for my whole credit card not just for the web hosting costs, so I would need it to work with my Sainsburys CC Bank account which I believe it wont.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Hi @Andrew_Turner

The recurring purchase would be the way to go. Suppliers can send their invoices direct to your account, but they would also have to be a user of QuickFile. If they are, brilliant - you can set it up from your account.

If the dates do differ slightly, you can amend them. When do they normally invoice you, is it on a set date each month, or every x days/weeks?

What you may find as a better way, which would help with your tagging issue too, would be to set up a bank tagging rule. I’m assuming that when they take payment, it’s usually appears in a similar fashion each time on your bank statement, for example

Company Name Invoice xxxxxx

You could set up a tagging rule based on ‘Company Name’, which could create a new invoice each time it’s picked up. This can be automated too, so all you would have to create the bank entry. However, if it does create an invoice in this way, the date would end up the same as the bank entry.

As for the automated bank feed, there isn’t one for any credit card providers unfortunately. You can however import a CSV file (they normally provide an option to download this). I’ve linked to a guide on how to do this below.

Hope that helps!

Some articles which should help:
Bank Tagging Rules
Recurring Invoices
Import Bank Statement CSV

Thanks for all the info. I think its unlikely a company as large as will be a Quickfile user, I could be wrong though.
Re invoice dates, they invoice me every 22nd or 23rd of each month so I think it must be every 4 weeks. The due date for the payment of this invoice is also 4 weeks later and they automatically take the payment by card 3 days before the due date.
So ideally I’d like something that creates the invoice for me then marks it as paid 3 days before the due date a month later.
From what I understand from bank tagging is I would still have to keep manually exporting my transactions from my credit card account and then importing them into Quickfile for recording the payment for the invoice, which I dont feel would be any quicker than me logging into Quickfile and marking the purchase as paid myself.

You can set it up to every 4, or every month and just adjust the date as needed.

We don’t offer time delays such as this. However, we do offer integration with Zapier, which does. I can’t 100% confirm if this is possible, but it may be worth having a look: Connect your Quickfile to Delay integration in 2 minutes | Zapier

That is correct. But our tagging system allows you to quickly mark invoices as paid, and even creates them from the banking screen if required.

In terms of importing your statement, I’d highly recommend speaking to your card provider. Unfortunately, our options of automated feeds is held back by the lack of availability from banks. We’d love to offer a seamless integration, but it’s not possible unless they provide it.

Perhaps another option would be to enter these in bulk at year end for example? We offer a bulk purchase invoice creator (Account Settings >> Import Data >> Purchase Bulk Entry).

Thanks for all the info, zapier looks quite promising.