Recurring Supplier Costs

Hi @Andrew_Turner

The recurring purchase would be the way to go. Suppliers can send their invoices direct to your account, but they would also have to be a user of QuickFile. If they are, brilliant - you can set it up from your account.

If the dates do differ slightly, you can amend them. When do they normally invoice you, is it on a set date each month, or every x days/weeks?

What you may find as a better way, which would help with your tagging issue too, would be to set up a bank tagging rule. I’m assuming that when they take payment, it’s usually appears in a similar fashion each time on your bank statement, for example

Company Name Invoice xxxxxx

You could set up a tagging rule based on ‘Company Name’, which could create a new invoice each time it’s picked up. This can be automated too, so all you would have to create the bank entry. However, if it does create an invoice in this way, the date would end up the same as the bank entry.

As for the automated bank feed, there isn’t one for any credit card providers unfortunately. You can however import a CSV file (they normally provide an option to download this). I’ve linked to a guide on how to do this below.

Hope that helps!

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