Reducing Number of ledger entries

Hi I have only recently started to use QF with more intent and still getting to grips with it. I have duplicated my fairly simple accounts mainly for yr 2015-16. As a double check etc really. I have however added some older account data to 2014 which has I believe pushed me to power user territory. I know its only asking for £45 (which i didnt know for some reason) but want to try for a bit longer. My accounts should really never go over the 1000 ledger entries anyway. My plan is to delete all the old invoices and purchase orders so only 2015-16. Will this work. Thanks

Hi @miiky

The nominal ledger count takes several things into account:

  • Sales invoices
  • Purchase invoices
  • Bank account entries
  • Journal entries

etc. Each entry to a nominal is one entry. 3 lines in an invoice to 4000 General Sales is only 1 nominal entry, and the same concept applies with purchase invoices.

One thing to note is that the nominal count is per calendar year, not accounting year. So today, any entries created between 16th May 2016 and 15th May 2017 would be taken into account. That’s going by the date they were entered into QuickFile, not the date of the transaction itself.

I can confirm that in theory deleting data will lower your nominal ledger count. But it depends on dates and how it’s entered etc. so this will depend on your own account itself.

There’s a few guides below that you may find useful, which will also point you to a report to show when your entries were created and what nominals they’re using:

Hope that helps!

Also it’s worth noting that 1000 nominal ledger entries isn’t actually that many - a sales or purchase invoice is (at least) two entries for the invoice plus another two for the payment, so a total of five sales and/or purchase invoices per week (e.g. three sales plus two purchases) each paid in full in a single bank transaction times 50 weeks per year will hit the threshold, and that’s before you’ve factored in anything like transfers between bank accounts (depositing cash, taking drawings, getting payments settled to your current account from paypal/stripe/barclaycard/whatever).

That said, £54 per year including VAT is astoundingly good value compared to the competition, considering what you get for the money.

Hi, I will have a look. It is only being used at the moment as mentioned as a checking tool of sorts with the plan to change over at some point soon. I dont even use QF for actual invoicing. They at just a mirror. Thank you for quick response.

Hi thanks. Im sure it is good value but also sounds like for any business it will hit the threshold and get charged which wasn’t the case when I first created account. Im just buying time I suppose at the moment so Im sure it is, Thanks

PS the support forum (IE this side of it) is brill. Cheers

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