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Referal Discount Missing

The referal scheme seems to suggest that both the account whose link is used, and the account using the link will receive 10 percent discount, however I cannot see that this is being applied to a new subscription for an account that was definitely created using the referal link.

Am I missing something here?

Hi @Normski

Do both of the referred accounts have an active Power User Subscription?

It’s also worth noting that the subscription doesn’t apply to the bank feeds, only the Power User Subscription.

Hi Matthew

Neither do, but then nothing anywhere for the affiliate scheme suggests they need to have one to get a 10 percent discount when subscribing. I need to subscribe both, one because it reached the 1,000 journal entry limit today (the account referring), and the other which is a newish account that I want to subscribe to make some CSS changes etc.

The way I read the affiliates scheme is I should be able to get 10 percent off each.

Hi Normski,
Have you read this article?

It is clearly stated that both need a paid subscription and only the account which provides the referral code gets the 10% discount per referral and the new customer gets 10% when they subscribe in the first 6 month.
Hope this helps

Yes I have read the artilce that you linked.

I can certainly see the bit where it says:

If someone uses your referral code when signing up or clicks on your referral link, we will attribute this referral to you. For each referred user that goes on to acquire a subscription we will assign a 10% discount to your account too. Refer 4 users and we’ll apply a 40% discount to your account. Any discount can be redeemed when you purchase or renew your own subscription.

This suggests to me that one doesn’t need a subscription, purely from the line “when you purchase or renew your subscription”, with the word “purchase” suggesting that I don’t need a subscription already to refer, re-enforced by it also saying “renew” suggesting “if” I have a subscription already it will apply to the renewal.

If the person you referred to QuickFile purchases a subscription within 6 months of signing up, they’ll also benefit from a 10% discount.

This suggests to me that the account signing up via the referal link can also benefit from a 10 percent discount when signing up, but I am happy to be wrong if my command of English isn’t sufficient to read this correctly and interpret it how I read it.

Please could you quote the place on the linked article that says:

both need a paid subscription and only the account which provides the code gets the 10% discount

Thank you for your help.

Hi @Normski,

To confirm - subscriptions (PUS) are required for both accounts for the discounts to take place. The account that has been referred will need to purchase a PUS before the original account is able to access the discount.

The original account will need a PUS to get a discount on the PUS.

If the account that has been referred purchased the PUS within the first 6 months of the account being created then yes they will also get the discount.

You originally said that neither account has an active PUS and so therefore there will be no discounts applied

Can you explain to me where on the original article it actually says any of this?

So taking this literally, I have to have a PUS on the main account to then qualify for a 10 percent discount later? (if so then this contradicts the article)

And I need to have a PUS on the main account before I can get a PUS discount on the second account?

Hi @Normski,

You can not get a discount on something that doesn’t exist. So in order for you to get a discount on the subscription you will have to have a subscription.

The second account will need to obtain the subscription first - once the referred account has bought the subscription this will then trigger the discount on your account.

The discount does not exist until the referred account has bought a PUS

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So how does the second account obtain the discount without first paying full price?

It will be automatically applied if the account was created in the last 6 months. If you would like me to double check then please let me know the QuickFile account number or company name

You aren’t accepting DM’s and I don’t think it is pertinent to provide the account details here.

please send a message to @QFSupport