Refund button working

I had experienced a problem in last few day/week. When I go to my banking and try to tag a transaction as a Refund, when usually I was able to press a small downward arrow to show all invoices I would like to refund against, now when I press that arrow nothing happens. I know I can go to a client and set the refund through there- but it would be much easier for me to use the feature through the tagging on banking site. Your help would be much appreciated.
Also I used to log in here through google account. Is that no possible anymore?
thank you

I can create credit notes and tag payments as refunds without any issues. Can you advise what client in particular (if any) you are experiencing this with please, and also what browser you are using?

Regarding the Google Account, this has been disabled for a while, but as the forums aren’t actually made by QuickFile I can’t tell you why it was deactivated/removed. Hopefully @Glenn or one of the Discourse developers could help with that point

@Kamila it’s probably better if I can get some instructions on exactly how we can see this issue for ourselves.

Can you let me know the date and amount of the entry you are trying to tag as a refund along with the client/supplier the refund needs to go to? You can send this to me on a private message if you prefer.