Refund from credit on account

We overpaid a supplier yesterday through a recurring payment with PayPal. I’ve tagged this to the supplier (to show the account in credit), but this has since been refunded. How would I tag this as a refund from the credit?

If you go to the supplier screen click ‘view’ then ‘All payments’.

You will then see a list of all the payments made to this supplier, locate the unallocated payment (should be labelled as This payment is currently unallocated). Click to view.

You should then see a “Refund Balance” button. Click this and a dialogue box will slide out where you can refund the balance to a bank account.

Ah fair enough. So there’s no way of actually doing this from tagging, just through the actual payment itself?

Thanks @Glenn!

No problem!

You can tag refunds in the bank, if the original payment was allocated to an invoice. But if the payment is sitting as a credit on account (i.e. was not bound to any invoice) then this is the method to use.

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