Hi I have a refund from EDF. How do I log this?


Hi @Joelle,

Does this refund relate to a particular invoice or does it cover multiple invoices?

Hi Beth
I pay for electricity by Direct Debit (ÂŁ72 per month). I have ended the contract and this is the refund of the overpayments which amounts to ÂŁ154.19.

Hope that explains it enough.

Hi @Joelle,

Yes, I thought that might be the case, to process this it may be best to enter a new purchase on the supplier account with a negative value to match the refund - essentially a credit note.

This will automatically create the bank transaction for you and tag it.

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

Thanks Alan. I am having difficulty following. There has got to be an easier way. Surely refunds are normal? Sage have a refund option and it’s very easy. Refunds from suppliers such as gas, electricity, telephone, bank are pretty normal so we should have to find way arounds to accommodate them.

Thanks Beth. So there is no “official” way of doing it? I will do the way you said as that seems easier than Alan’s below!

There does seem a few steps backwards to get any overpayments on a supplier account to a position where they are refundable from a specific supplier account.

The glitch is payments have been paid via direct debit each month, but when the account is closed (transferrred to another supplier) you will be holding pre-payments (unallocated payments) , as the final bill does not include this money or shows that a refund will be given for the overpayments.

So a final line added to the final bill from the supplier for the balance of pre-payments on the account. Then create a credit note from the invoice and remove the lines that are legitmate usage lines and just issue the credit note for the final line from the final bill.

Also this knowledgebase article might provide some background about the subject Managing credit notes

I think this relates to a feature request I made (which ended up as a private message so I can’t link it here) but it was essentially to allow credit notes to be just posted to an account as per any other purchase invoice rather than all this specific crediting to invoices.

I made a feature request for this as it seems to be a not unpopular request.

Another posting from today about managing Credit Notes/Refunds

You’ve all been great - thank you!!