Remove Country from addresses

As we will only work in UK it is not really necessary to have United Kingdom appear in our address. Is it possible to drop the Country line from all addresses?

This does happen on the client address but seemingly not on the sender address. There’s a setting in “invoice customisation” that hides the country on the client address if the same as the issuing company.

It doesn’t look like a similar setting exists for the sender address. We can look into adding this later, for now I’ve converted your post to a “Feature Request”.

I’ll add a vote to this. Just been trying to remove it from my address as I don’t think I have invoiced anyone outside of the UK in 15 years so it is just unnecessary clutter.

This is logged in our planning software now so it should get addressed next week.

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Actually there is a way you can hide the country using CSS.

Just open up the CSS editor and add the following class:


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