Replace "Estimate" with "Quote" or "Quotation"

It would be nice to be able to create and send a quote. At the moment you call it an estimate, but that is not a quote, a quote is all encompassing, while an estimate is not and gives the client the impression that it could still change. I have managed to add a title to the estimate template that reads Quote, but there is still reference to estimate in the totals. It would be much more consistent and less confusing if there was a quote template separate from the estimate one, so as not to confuse clients when being sent out. If there is away to do this then my apologies for mentioning it, as I have not been able to work it out and have looked the knowledge base but can’t find anything. Any feedback would be most appreciated. Also if you know of a work around in the meantime that would also be great. Thanks for providing such a great software for free it is most appreciated and has made running my business that much easier.

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We would not want to duplicate areas in the system doing the same job, it seems to me that the issue is the reference to estimate in the totals and maybe elsewhere, I will talk to develop team as I agree this should be consistent with the title throughout.

We will update this thread in due course.

Thanks Joe that would be good.


Would just like to +1 this idea.
Being able to ‘quote’ would be very useful.


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This has been resolved in our development system and should go live later this week. The name assigned in the invoice customisation area will then flow through to the labels, thus removing any reference to the term “Estimate” on the actual client facing document.

I should also add that we will eventually be replacing all references in Quick File of the word “Estimate” with the much more ubiquitous “Quotation”.

Thanks very much Glenn for your quick response. Looking forward to the update.

Hi @Glenn,

I’m still seeing ‘Estimate/Estimates’ in various places - has this commit not rolled out yet? Not chasing, just wondering if there’s some reason I’m not seeing ‘Quotation’.

We only changed the references that appear directly on the document (e.g. estimate total, estimate date etc). It’s actually a pretty big job changing the references across the whole system. It will happen but it will likely be in stages.

Ah, I see. I misunderstood. Thanks!

3 years since last post. Has anything been done on this yet?

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