Report across multiple project tags

Is it possible to report and filter on multiple project tags? ie. say a building project has build phases (groundwork, brickwork, roofing etc.) and resources ( labour, materials, plant) you may want to look at your brickwork labour costs for a certain project or your groundwork plant and material costs by a project or even total costs across all projects. Is it possible to tag costs by 1. Project, 2. Build Phase and 3. Resource and filter the report accordingly. This feature would make the project costing far more flexible. hope this makes sense


Hi @MikeC

You can add multiple project tags to an invoice (up to 5), but if I understand correctly, you’re looking more at drilling down on a project (e.g. all invoices by Tag1, then add invoices with both Tag1 and Tag2, and so on)?

Yes, I’m looking to report on certain combined tags i.e only report on tag1 & tag4 or only tag2 & tag3. Say I had a job called “smith extension” and I had various trades involved. I could currently create a tag called “smith extension” , one called brickwork, one called carpentry , one labour , one materials etc.
I would tag the purchase invoice smith extension, carpentry , materials. However, as they are all separate tags say carpentry would show across all jobs with carpentry. I would like to be able to filter/drill down just on smith extension carpentry materials or labour or what ever
I hope this makes sense.

Thanks for clarifying @MikeC. This isn’t something that’s supported at the moment, but we’ll certainly keep this in mind for future development.

We’ll keep this thread open for others to add their comments, but we’ll keep you posted if anything changes.

Great thank you
I just think it would be a very useful and flexible addition to the project system across all industries

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