Report of Sales by country

Good morning,

We generally use Quickfiles as an invoice and receipt generation tool for manual sales as we take transactions automatically through a website shopping cart too. However we have raised a lot of invoices this year and I am tryng to figure out if there is a way of exporting all data for invoices paid for 2015 by country or to somehow choose country as a field so that I can then use Excel to filter the results.

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Hi @opengenius

Unfortunately there is no way to filter invoices by country, or produce a report on it.

You could tag the invoices to a project (one tag per country for example), which would produce a report and P&L for that specific country. Would that be suitable?

I think going forward that maybe good to do but as we are working historically it would mean tagging about a 1000 invoices. But thank you for your help anyway.

I’ve converted this thread to a feature request, and I’ll ask my colleague regarding adding the country to the export/back ups.

If you have multiple invoices, you can bulk tag them too:

That would be great!

Hi @opengenius

Adding a country code to the back up files should be fairly straight forward, so we will hopefully get that added within the next few days for you. Either myself or my colleague will update this thread when we’ve sorted something for you.

Hope that helps!

Amazing - great support!


I can confirm that we are now including the country ISO code in the sales invoice backup spreadsheet.

If you need to run a backup now, you can do so in:

Account Settings >> All Settings >> Weekly/monthly backups.