Reset Financials?


Is it possible to reset the financials on Quickfile?

We’ve been using it for a few months now to try it out and are thoroughly impressed with it. However we need to reset the financials now so that we can key in a new starting balance and start again. Is this possible whilst maintaining customers invoice history and direct debit authorisations and client details?

Also, what’s the best practice to use with regard to processing merchant fees like GoCardless?. Obviously Quickfile is expecting the full amount on the invoice to be allocated against it, but GoCardless takes a fee.

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Oliver Nash

Here is link to reset QF

Here is link to handle gocardless

Thank you!

Once I’ve reset it, will customers still be able to login to their portal and view their previous invoices?. I basically just want to set a new starting balance for the main bank account, and zero off the PayPal holding one, without affecting any payments or customers currently on QF. Is the method above the correct way of doing this?

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Oliver Nash

NO, it will reset all financial data

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But now back to my original question:

What is the best way to set a new starting balance WITHOUT customers loosing their invoice history?

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Oliver Nash

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