Restore deleted invoice

Hi, I had a bit of a moment earlier and deleted an invoice created about 6 weeks ago. Now when I try to recreate the invoice I get the pop-up:

“The Invoice Number ‘382’ has already been used. Please provide a unique Invoice Number”

Is there any way to restore that one invoice? Or even clear 382 from the audit trail so I can recreate it?

I can’t change the number to something else as it’s out there and in the system of a large company.

Many thanks.

You can definitely restore it. Go to the main invoice management screen and click on the radio option deleted in the lower right.

You can now see a list of deleted invoices, #382 should be there. Select the invoice and then click the restore button, the invoice will then return to DRAFT status.

Ah, thank you. So obvious once it’s been pointed out!