Revolut transaction fee from bank feed is "money in"

Not sure why this transaction fee is coming through from the bank feed as “money in”?


Is the £3.71 actually money in? If so, you might have set up Revolut as a Loan Account in QF

It’s definitely money out.

Maybe they charged you to much and refunded the difference? Maybe for another transaction not this one?

That would show up in the actual bank account transactions and balance, but there’s nothing there… it seems to be a simple case of mixing up money out and money in for this fee… the balance in QF matches the balance in the actual account after correcting this fee to be “money out” rather than “money in”… otherwise the balances don’t match.

I wonder whether the QF team has fixed this issue (because this fee relates to a payment of a USD amount from a GBP account, and the fee is the correct GBP amount this time) and inadvertently added a bug which now puts the fee on the wrong side of the dr/cr line? Just a complete guess.

You could be right, sounds a bit like that. They start at 9am, I think and pretty sure they will look at it. Sorry, I couldn’t be more helpful

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Thanks for your patience here. It’s been referred to our development team to investigate, and we’ll come back to you shortly.

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@QFMathew there’s definitely something fishy going on here:

I do wish that Revolut would be giving me money rather than taking it, but sadly this isn’t the case, and the account balance is correct after recreating the entry with the £2.59 on the other side.

And I do wonder whether my guess was correct about my previous issue (incorrect fee amount) has been fixed in respect of the actual fee amount, but with a new bug to put the correct fee amount on the wrong side… because this is a USD purchase from a GBP account and the fee amount is correct this time, just on the wrong side.

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Hi @drmrbrewer

Just a quick one to let you know that this should now be resolved.

Thank you for your patience here.

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