Sales and Purchases Export Report with Vat Breakdown

Hello there,

I currently manage and maintain a sales and purchase ledger for the company. The company has their own accountant who they wish to continue to use for filing vat returns, company accounts etc.

We have currently gone paperless so all expenses are uploaded on to the software. But I am having a problem. I Need to export the data for the accountant, which I can do using the advance settings and inputting the dates but when I export the data there is no breakdown of the vat rates applied to each purchase, some of which are zero. Is there a setting I can change to include a vat breakdown on the report please?

Thank you

Hi @Mjsteelss

I believe an account back up may help in this case.

This would give you a collection of CSV files, include a list of invoices. As part of the list, it shows the supplier, description, total net, total VAT and total gross, amongst other fields.

There’s more details on the back up here: Create a data backup schedule

Hope this helps!

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