Sales Invoice - Addressed to Primary Contact (Implemented)

I am finding changing the Primary Contact for a particular client so the invoice is addressed to the correct contact rather clunky!

Is it possible to add a button with the list of contacts for the client when creating the invoice, so the correct contact be chosen on the hoof.

If this is not possible, then at least when starting an invoice showing who the invoice will be sent to.

At the moment, invoice created / preview / check correct contact shown / if not modify client record to correct contact making them primary / modifying client on invoice / send with correct person addressed.

Seems a bit long winded, but it does work,



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Good idea to pick contact at time of creating invoice and including their name on invoice too.
At present once you created the invoice in client’s business name and ready to send, if you click on send by email, it will show all the contacts added to client and by default primary contact is ticked. You can pick any other contact to send email invoice.

You can change the recipient when sending the invoice but all that will do is determine where it’s emailed (it won’t change the name to whom it is addressed) so yeh I get your point here. There probably needs to be a way to select the contact when creating the invoice. I’ve logged this for now and we will explore the options.

We’ve implemented a change to the client selection process in the invoice creation screen. Now when you click to modify the address, you can also change the recipient name. You can type whatever you like here so the recipient does not necessarily need to be listed as a client contact.

I love it.

Tar, so quick, but should have expected that, it’s in the name.


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