Sales Ledger Credit

Hi Just started evaluating the API. So far creating & retrieving Customers and Invoices OK but can’t see how to create a Sales Ledger Credit note with the API ?

Many thanks

Hi @HarryRogers

I don’t believe this is something that’s currently supported by the API, although it’s certainly something we can consider if there’s enough interest in this.

Thanks for the rapid reply.
I’m evaluating QF as an option to provide the ledgers functionality within the software we develop (for the plant and Tool Hire trade)
The production of Sales Ledger Credit notes is a frequent requirement with the typical workflows we deal with. It would certainly be a capability we would need.

Thanks again for the quick response, all the best

Hopefully the ability to create credit notes via the API can be added ?
In the meantime is there a way to use transaction import to get credit notes onto the system? simply making the ‘Total gross amount’ a negative value results in an import error.


We can certainly look at adding it if there’s enough interest from the QuickFile community - it’s an open forum, so other users can add their comments and support to this thread.

I’m not aware of a bulk way to import credit notes, but I will ask our development team just in case I’m missing something. The issue I think with importing credit notes is that they often relate to something else (e.g. it relates to a bank transaction or is a reversal of a previous invoice).

I’ll update my post shortly.

Is there any more news on this? I too am evaluating the api for connecting to our in house trade counter sales/stock system. Creating invoices in QF works a treat via api but creating a credit note via api just doesn’t work. Thought maybe that using negative values for the invoicelines would just create an invoice with a negative value (ie “a credit note”) but the api just responds with “Object not set to an instance of an object”.
We create quite a number of credit notes - some are returns for items on a particular invoice. Some can be for when a customer has negotiated a price reduction for example, so it could relate to several invoices. There are too many to have to manually input to QF.

The above will not prevent me from going ahead with implementing QF as our accounting solution but the credit note issue means I can’t fully utilise all the sales facilities offered. eg can’t allow a client to view their account on the client portal because there will be no credit notes on the account so the balance would be wrong.

Hi @bozmp

There isn’t any movement here I’m afraid, but your interest has been noted.

If there are any updates, the forums should automatically send you an email to let you know.

ok, thanks for reply

I’ve been playing around with the API for the last few days. I build software to automate accounts payable for hospitality businesses (high volume, low value purchase invoices from recurring suppliers) and was looking for a Xero alternative for smaller places but without credit notes via the API this isn’t an option

I know this on the agenda, although unfortunately right now I’m unable to provide a solid delivery date. I will however escalate this and update you with any news.

@HarryRogers @bozmp @robc - I’m pleased to tell you we’ve just released an update which will allow you to create a credit note against a sales invoice. You can find more details here:

Creating a Credit Note using the API

@demeter.zoltan - I recall you mentioned this in another thread, so this may be of interest to you too.