Sales not showing in sales report or anywhere

Can any one help me, when I run a profit and loss report only 4 of my sales are showing in the “4000” general sales when I have made 12-13 sales. This means the amount is incorrect ?

The products are set up as generals codes 4000 so I am confused.
it is showing 14k sales when I have done approx 65k ?


Are you definitely sure you’re looking at the correct date range for the P&L report?

yes, some appear to be sitting in nominal 1100 debtors control account but why would they if the invoice has been paid?

is there any way I can list all the sales another way as when I list sales only the 4 come up and not all of them

Hi @Simon_Lloyd

If they’re not showing in the reports, the first thing I would do is check that they’re not in “DRAFT” mode (e.g. sent or paid). If they’re not draft, just double check the dates of your report.

That’s the usual 2 that catch people out.

def not in draft mode as they have been paid and the payment registered and bank balanced when I go into some of the missing and click on more and then see nominal entries, a debit is sitting in debtors control account 1100 and the credit in general sales 4000

That is correct for the nominal entries for the invoice itself. The payment then generates another two nominal entries, credit debtors control and debit bank.

thanks, when I look at one that is showing there are 3 entries sales tax control (2200) vat - general sales ( 4000) these are both shown as credit and then a debtors control acc count (1100) as a debit and the 2 credits add up t the debit. But on one that is not showing on the report one of the credit is going to stock 1001 and not to sales 4000 would this stop it going on the report and how do I change it to 4000
thanks in advance

When you edit the invoice you’ll see a little cog wheel icon in the description box for each invoice line, clicking that opens up extra options including the nominal category for the line. If this is something that’s been created from an inventory item you will probably also have to edit the inventory item settings to make it use the right category for future invoices too.

awesome thank you, have just done one but going away for the night, will do the others tomorrow night and see what happens and post back on here sat/sunday
thank you again Ian awesome :slight_smile:

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