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Is there a way of printing a report to show all my sales for a financial year?

hi @ESL62,

You may find that the Profit and Loss Report may show you what you need?

You could also perform a search on the sales list for a specific date range and then export the data?

You could also go to the Chart of Accounts and export the date range and just the sales nominals?

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When I export from the sales list I can only export a page at a time. Over the course of a year I might have 50 pages.

The Chart of Accounts may be your best bet - once you’ve set your date range, if you select to Export Data

Then select a detailed report of all nominal ledger activity, you can specify that you want the 4000 nominals (Sales) this will then generate a spreadsheet with the list of invoices.

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How much info and how fancy do you need/want it? If you run/open a backup you can view the sales ledger CSV to get a list of all sales and just filter on dates/years?

What I need is a list of sales from the sales ledger to give to my accountant so he can complete my end of year accounts. Not sure how to run a back up?

Create a data backup schedule

This guide should help you with the back up :slight_smile: you’ll get a few different files from the backup so you won’t need to send them all to your accountant.

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