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Segmented P&L report - Align to Tax Year

Why don’t the monthly, quarterly and yearly P&L reports comparisons agree with the financial years of the accounts?

Hi @Fairway

This is the way it’s set up currently, although you may wish to add your vote/comments to this post: Add predefined date ranges to Segmented Profit & Loss. This is an open feature request, so it may certainly be added in the future.

Sorry, but I don’t see the point in how it’s setup when all companies have different financial years. I appreciate some of our requests are not what all users are going to ‘vote’ on, but as Accountants with multiple client users and in view of future recommendations to other clients all our product improvement suggestions are either things we are being asked for or functions we know clients expect.

I’ve logged this with our development team to be reviewed. I can’t give you any timescales at present, but we’ll update the main feature request thread in due course.

Monthly reporting will show the last 12 months. Quartlery reporting I believe will display the last 8 quarters fixed to the calendar year (e.g. jan-mar, apr-jun etc).

What we don’t have right now is a way to align segmented years to the tax year (6th Apr to 5th Apr). Would this be the priority for now?

@Fairway We’ve since added an option to the segmented P&L to report by “Fiscal (Tax) Year”. Currently this option is available for sole traders and non-limited partnerships. We can extend to LTDs if needed.

Was this what you were looking for?

For most Sole traders the year may be April 6th to April 5th (April to March).
But limited companies have different year ends, so the monthly P&L reports would need to reflect the years as per the company year end date in settings.
So for my company with a year end date of 31 September, I would expect to see the 12 months from October to September, quarters December/March/June/September etc.

We are a limited company and our company year runs inline with the Fiscal year, would like the option also.