Sending Letters & Reminders to Multiple Recipients

I know there is the automatic reminder feature, but it would be REALLY useful to be able select from a list of customers and send a single letter (or statement) to each one selected.

The problem with automatic reminders is that I like to tailor my reminders from “sorry to bother you but you may have overlooked this” through to “pay your bill you mooch!” depending on the customer rather than the days overdue. It could also be used by selecting ALL to sent mailings to the customer.

Obviously you would only want this to be available to users who have their own SMTP server :roll_eyes:

You can create custom messages on a customer by customer basis. You can find the details through the link below. What you can’t do is assign a custom message template in bulk.

Thanks, and that is an incredibly powerful feature, but to be honest I’m very reluctant to introduce that level of customization as it gets hard to track and control. Our letters not only take account of the customer but the prevailing situation, so at present we are more sympathetic of late payers due to Covid…sometimes we will hold off if we know a flat has been empty so our customer has had no income. I can’t really see why a single message sent to multiple recipients would be so difficult and I know others have requested it before so it would be popular (QB has it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

You could maybe look at Zapier, possibly something you could do through that with something like Mailchimp?

Although I don’t use Zapier, I’m generally not a fan of too much external linking (I use IFTTT for IoT and when software is upgraded it can cause problems.)

At present I have a spreadsheet where I select the customers I want and it concatenates a string I can paste into the BCC to send using my mail client.

I’ve used most of the SME accounting software (Sage, Xero, QB, Pandle & QF) and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. For us, QF is firmly out in front in terms of its features and flexibility, so I’m really just trying to suggest small future tweaks which would be of wider appeal and confirm its position as the preferred choice.

I’m of the same sort of mindset, although I have to relent at some point as the convenience outweighs the fact I have to use a third party service. My Dropbox receipts integration was useless (I blame the NAS/Dropbox link for this) but eventually it got to me so I used Zapier to take the files from Google Drive and put them in Dropbox instead, and this seems to work.

That’s one of the reasons I picked Quickfile in the first place though, because it had the API etc so if it couldn’t do anything it could be done with a 3rd party. I would rather they concentrated on the core functionality. CRM/inventory etc is already handled well by other software so why try and get QF to reinvent the wheel?

I’s agree on CRM and inventory…I think most small businesses (even plumbers etc) don’t use the inventory capability and some of the stuff now in QF, are the kind of features I used to use in SAP (admittedly 20 years ago!)