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A couple of us have our own logins to the same Quickfile account, so use different email addresses to login.

Our “Routine Emails” default address is set to "" on both logins, an address which we both receive to our email inboxes.

However, when we send an invoice out and tick the “CC me” box, the CC email is sent to our individual login email address instead of the accounts@ email address. How can I change this to the accounts@ one?

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Hi @snapperjonno

There isn’t a way to change this at the moment unfortunately - it will also go to the email address of the current user.

We can certainly consider an option to change this. Would you like me to move your thread to the ‘Feature’ category so we can monitor the interest in this going forward?

Hi. Oh that’s not what I was wanting to hear! We both send invoices out and we both want to receive the cc email. Yes definitely add to the feature requests please.

In the meantime is there a workaround? The only way I can think is to add both our email addresses to every client record which will take forever… is there another method you could suggest?


There isn’t a workaround at the moment.

However, if you have a Power User Subscription (which is required for L and XL accounts) we do keep an historic email log for 6 months within your account. So if it’s just for keeping records, this is already done for you within your account.

One possible work around outside of QF is to make use of forwarding in your individual recipient email accounts.

Most email providers have a webmail log on and within there they have options such as Filter and Forward emails.
IF these features exist, then in each of your email accounts you could filter for “from QF and Subject contains (say) ‘invoice’ then forward to accounts@” That would mean each person would receive their own CCs separately and both would see the email in accounts@.

You could possibly also delete the incoming email in your individual accounts should you so wish.

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Hi.I would really like this feature - to automatically cc a single email address for all emails sent on behalf of that company. Being able to specify that address in Company Settings would be ideal. Thanks, Nick