Setting default project tags for clients and suppliers

I want to tag all invoices for individual clients with particular project tags. I can do this retrospectively but would like to set defaults on clients.


Thanks for the suggestion, we will track the interest in this feature request and update you with any developments.

Is there any news on this, I would love to be able to report on clients usage back to referers and our own internal sales people

Hi Chris, I’m afraid it’s not something we’re currently looking at.

Just so I understand the requirements a little better… Right now you can already isolate all sales and payments made from a specific client and to pull a net invoice and payment total by date range. From any client detail screen you will also see a scrolling bar chart for monthly sales and payment totals.

What information do you require in your report?

Hi Glenn, thanks for that

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, been a busy summer and now need a solution to what I am trying to do

I have sales people, internally and externally that get paid a commission not only on initial on boarding by a new client but also ongoing monthly recurring commission so the longer they are a customer the more commission the sales person is paid in commission (this stops the one hit wonders)

I already run project tags on the recurring invoices and that is easy and really useful but we also have clients where single invoices are raised and I don’t want these to be missed and the sales person not being rewarded moving forwards.

Having the ability to project tag a client will mean each sales person will have their own tag and then I can run a tag report to see how much has been invoiced and paid during a specific time period ie the previous month

The current method is time consuming, doable but time consuming cross referencing the customer from an excel spreadsheet

Also, we are looking at a franchise model and the ability to tag a client to a franchisee would be amazing

If I beg would you do it?

Thanks Glenn, you time as always is appreciated


Hi Chris,

Thanks for supplying a bit more detail, I think I have a better grasp now of what you’re trying to achieve. I also think that we may be able to solve this in combination with a similar feature request, and that is to be able to enter project tags on invoice creation.

If project tags could be entered on invoice creation it would mean that we can then go one step further and pre-fill this box depending on the client selected. This would work providing you are creating your sales invoices from the general invoice editor, rather than via bank tagging or bulk imports.

Let me know if this would work?

That sounds like a solution, would the pre fill just drag from a previously tagged invoice for that client?

I think we’d likely have a box within “Modify Client Details” so you can configure some predefined tags. Any invoices created for that client would then auto-populate with those default tags.

Perfect! Is there a timeframe yet?

Hi @Chris_Days

There isn’t a timeframe at the moment, but watch this space as we’ll update this topic when we have more info.

As you’ve posted here, you should receive an email when we post an update. However, to be sure, you can select the option at the bottom of the thread and update it to ‘Watching’

@Chris_Days hopefully we will have this live by the end of the week, the development is already underway.

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That’s brilliant thank you @Glenn

OK we now have the ability to store default client tags and have them automatically applied when manually creating new invoices. I’ve provided a few details here:

Inline project tag entry for invoices

Please have a look and let me know if that works for you.

###Update 10th September

We’ve also now extended the default project tagging for suppliers too. May not be much use in your case but it may be handy for other.

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