Show all notes on COA export

How do I show all notes on the COA export? I manage a number of accounts and some of them do it automatically, and some of them don’t do it at all. What am I missing, please? I know I can tick ‘show all notes’ when examining the nominal codes within the COA, but I cannot set it as a default either and it doesn’t last from one look at a code to the next!

Thank you.

Hi @KJD,

There isn’t anywhere in the settings to change whether you see the notes as default or not, there is a feature request to have it added if you wanted to add your vote to it?

Remember that "show all notes" is ticked upon page refresh (COA Report)

Hi Beth,

Thank you for that: but how do I get those accounts that don’t automatically export the Notes, to export to Notes when I print a chart of accounts?

Hi @KJD,

As far as I am aware I don’t believe there is an easy way of doing this. You may be able to run some custom script if you have a Power User Subscription

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