Show Customer's VAT number on invoice

Is it possible to show customer’s VAT number on sales invoice? If yes, I will really appreciate if somebody can explain how…
It’s a legal requirement to show both parties VAT numbers on a VAT invoice.

Says who? I have hundreds of VAT invoices, from anywhere from the local hardware store to international companies, and not one of them has my VAT number on.

Thanks Lurch for your response. My customer in Germany has told me that. He has requested that specially and I had to amend the invoices.
I was using Sage Accounting software before and Sage is also showing both VAT numbers on invoices by default.

Not something I have come across in the UK, which is the primary market for Quickfile currently.

It does appear that this is a rule for EU sales though after I have had a quick look on the HMRC site.

Are all your customers in other EU countries? If not then this isn’t really something that you need to do as standard.

Thanks for your reply Lurch. I have many customers (60% almost) in EU countries and that will be great if we manage to show the VAT number of customer on invoice. But if the functionality in not there, then I will think about some alternative (like adding VAT number in Address Line etc)

I’ve not heard of this requirement to include the client VAT number on invoices, I’m pretty sure this is not a UK requirement. If you are reverse charging the VAT then you will need at least to obtain and verify the client’s VAT number, though it’s not necessary (from the UK perspective) to display this on the invoice. If it’s required in other EU member states then I’d say the notes box is the best place to put it.

If it becomes a more widely requested feature we may consider a label in the top right that can be switched on to display the client VAT number.

Apologies I later discovered that the client VAT number will appear automatically in the top right when it has been saved in the client settings and providing the client is marked as VAT registered in another EC member state at the time the invoice is raised.

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Thanks Glenn. I will check with my other EU clients as well if it’s a requirement. I am not sure because one of my customer complained and I used to send all others always with both VAT numbers on invoice, so never got complaint from any customer.
Putting a label in the top right is a very good idea. If you can connect it with drop down list to choose a variable of your choice, that will be awesome.
Thank you again for your help. It’s a wonderful software …I really appreciate your GOOD WORK !!! and still cannot believe that its FREE…

Hi All, i think it is a requirement to show EU client VAT number on the invoices sent to them and v v.

I was easily able to do it via invoice customisation or when setting up the client. please see screen shot of an invoice i sent to a client in Netherlands. My VAT number is also shown in the bottom of the invoice (you cant see it in the screenshot).


You are correct, I obviously didn’t check this thoroughly. I’ve corrected my previous post.

@Sameera Thank you so much for the hint and help
@Glenn Thank you for your support and description.

Have a nice weekend !!!

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