Single payment to multiple suppliers

Trying to enter several month’s worth of transactions to get things up-to-date. I can’t be alone in paying multiple suppliers with one BACS payment. I can find no way to reconcile that single bank transaction (imported from Bankline) to several supplier invoices. I allocate the first, and it kindly tells me there is an unallocated amount, then unkindly doesn’t tell me how to allocate it.
Am I wasting my time here?

Hi @sjl

Quite right, you’re not alone - this is a common scenario. I recommend taking a look at the following knowledge base article. It refers to custom payments, but simply reverse it for suppliers (where it says about money coming in, you would have money out for example).

I hope that helps, but if you need further help, please feel free to ask :smile:

Thank you for the prompt and helpful reply. I saw this post and just hoped it wouldn’t apply!
I may be wrong, but I would comment as follows.

  1. I have enough trouble keeping my accountant’s bills under control (hence trying this system for the first time instead of a spreadsheet). If the bank ‘statement’ in your system does not match transaction-for-transaction my printed bank statements I can foresee trouble - or at least a bill for cross-checking.
  2. The second method, whilst probably countering the first argument, seems an extraordinary and rather complex ‘fudge’. Is a one-to-many relationship in bank receipts and invoices so difficult to support?

Hi @sjl

It’s just the way the system has been designed (and it works very well for most users).

Here’s a quick guide on how you can quickly input the BACS payment:

  1. Create a new bank account ‘BACS’

  2. Looking at your list of purchases, tick the ones that are part of the BACS run, and click “Update as Paid”:

  3. Select the BACS account and enter the relevant details (payment type isn’t necessarily needed, it’s more for reference)

    This then creates the bank entries in the BACS account:

  4. In your current bank account, create the entry on your bank statement (when the money leaves). This can be manual or through bank statement import:

  5. Tag it as a transfer to the BACS account:

Plus, if the entry on your bank statement is the same each month (or similar), you can tick the little box here too, and it will even tag it automatically going forward.

So really, the biggest step is setting it up.

Hope that helps!

It does. Thank you very much for supplying so much detail.

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