Sorting and Hiding Bank Accounts - also a facility to rearrange Bank Categories

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The sorting and hiding of bank accounts is a good new additional feature, but I have a further request!

Not long before this update the Bank Account categories had there order changed, only two of them were swapped but I cannot understand for what reason.

Current arrangement of Bank Categories;

  • General Bank Accounts
  • Equity Accounts
  • Cash Accounts
  • Credit Card Accounts
  • Loan Accounts
  • Merchant and Online Payment Service Accounts

The categories previously were in the same order as above except for Credit Card Accounts and Loan Accounts which were the other way around. As the Credit Cards Accounts category was near the bottom of Banking screen and the General Bank Accounts are at the top, and as these are the two account categories that are regularly updated and referred to then it was easy use the “end” key to refer to Credit Card Accounts as do not hold many Merchant Accounts. With the rearrangement of the categories if pressing “end” there is a need now to scroll up past the Loan Accounts section.

So perhaps having the option to sort the order within the Banking screen of the categories would also be a useful feature, having the choice of the order with which way round the categories are displayed provides a useful feature.

The categories shouldn’t have moved at all during that last update. We will however look into this for you.

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I see that @QFBeth has moved this topic from a “Feature” to “Support”, I would suggest my initial classification would be more appropriate.

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