Split Team Management Settings

Is it possible to extend some of the team management privileges to make the options more singular?

For example, the options to view and edit client details are under one option. It would be more beneficial if these were separate, so team members could view details, but prevent the accidental editing / deletion of live clients and ultimately, active/unpaid invoices. Similar issues apply to other features in both sales and purchases.

Another issue is the letters and internal messages systems. When these options are ticked as a singular options (as opposed to part of the account settings features), they don’t appear in the drop down messages. You either have to search or enter through the client control panel (which is disabled to prevent accidental login).

In addition, some businesses may not want all team members to be able view all reports. It is also not possible to disable the inventory editing options.

These changes would reduce the chances of some of the data being accidentally edited or deleted.

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Hi @PC6

Thank you for your suggestions. I have updated the thread to a feature request.

We’ll leave this thread open for other users to add their vote and comments. As with all requests, if there’s enough interest from the community, we’ll happily take a closer look at the changes.

+1 for this, definitely more beneficial to have more granular control over system access.

+1 from me too. The more control over user permissions, the better.

We have just taken on some additional volunteers who I would like to give restricted access that is related to their roles so +1 from me too.

Oops, saved that too quickly. I am also thinking of succession planning and would like to be able to use limited access as one of the steps in training up a possible replacement.

  • 1 from me also. More granularity in defining access for users is definitely required.

Most business will want to restrict the ability to delete clients, view specific reports etc

+1 from me too. Would be great to secure things like customer data from being deleted accidentally by new users of the application but still allowing them to view it.

+1 here.
I think a view mode is something really useful and needed.